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The foundation of all good manufacturing is 5S.  It is the standardization of all the manufacturing factors that result in quality products, delivered on time, together with the discipline to use the system consistently.  We recommend implementation of 5S in three stages: 

  • Remedial (correcting the problems of a poorly organized manufacturing operation)
  • Habitual (maintaining the good organization and practices developed in the remedial phase)
  • Preventive (using 5S to improve business practices)

The five areas of standardization are:

  • Seiri - Standardization of what belongs in the factory.
  • Seiton - Standardization of production flow.
  • Seiso - Standardization of the physical conditions of manufacturing.
  • Seiketsu - Standardization of the manufacturing processes.
  • Shitsuke - Standardization of manufacturing systems and knowledge.

These modes of standardization take different forms during the three stages.  The best known is remedial 5S, where the standards are known as:

  • Seiri - Clearing Up, using the Red Tag Campaign.
  • Seiton - Organizing, using functional storage.
  • Seiso - Cleaning, using 5-minute 5S and other cleaning programs.
  • Seiketsu - Standardizing, using the 5S Calendar
  • Shitsuke - Training and Discipline, using the 5S Audit

We provide training, training materials, planning, coaching, pilot projects, 5S Blitz, audits, and many other methodologies to implement 5S in the factory, the office, and all areas of business.


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Last modified on November 11, 2008