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We provide a wide range of technical and project management services to manufacturers.  These include:

  • Computerized process flow simulation
  • Plant layout planning & management
  • New plant startup planning & management
  • Plant move planning & management
  • Ergonomics for safety & productivity
  • Time and motion studies
  • Materials handling solutions
  • Project management

Computerized process flow simulation

Simulation is a tool for obtaining performance data from an as yet non-existent process.  The purpose is to aid decision makers understand the impact of various choices, before the decisions are finalized and implemented.  We use simulation in a number of situations, from optimizing layouts, minimizing transportation distances, balancing inventory and batch sizes, studying equipment capacity, and many other areas of process design where significant cost and delivery issues are at stake.  To understand simulation better, see our Simulation Primer.

Plant Layout Planning & Management

A good plant layout is essential to high productivity and low costs.  Since business is constantly changing, it is essential to review the plant layout periodically, and update it to reflect current production needs.  Using industry best practices, thorough study of the production processes, simulation, and other computerized techniques, we will plan, develop, and manage the implementation of the new layout.  Clients have gained valuable space, achieved continuous flow, and improved productivity.

New Plant Startup Planning & Management

No other activity is as susceptible to extravagant cost overruns as starting up a new plant.  The startup team must be completely dedicated to the project.  We have extensive experience with plant startup, and can put a complete team together, to handle all facets of startup, including site search, design/build, hiring and training, equipment sourcing, production process and quality system development, layout, logistics, and startup management. 

Plant move planning & management

Plant moves need dedicated personnel for planning and management if they are to be carried out on time and within budget.  Good planning includes thorough analysis of layout options, review of what should be moved (this is a good chance to rid yourself of the accumulated obsolete equipment and inventory through 5S), build-ahead scheduling consistent with the required downtime for the move and recommissioning, repair and machine cleaning that can be done during the move downtime, material delivery redirection, and many more ways to move with minimal disruption.  A well managed move is an opportunity to improve that should not be missed through giving it less than fulltime attention.

Ergonomics for safety & productivity

While we have learned about the improved quality resulting from standardized inputs, we have also found that repetitive work can be both a safety concern and a productivity drag, if not scientifically designed.  Ergonomics is the science of human movement, and how to design the work environment to minimize injury and improve productivity.  We will assess your work environment, to detect problem areas, and design and implement solutions that improve the work environment for all employees, whether in the office or on the shop floor.

Time and motion studies

Productivity can be considerably improved by line balancing and the implementation of standard work.  Both these improvement techniques require careful time and motion studies.  We typically use various predetermined time system.

Material handling solutions

Effective and efficient material handling is essential to profitable manufacturing.  Material handling takes many forms, from specific ways to present parts to operators or robots to ensure quality and productivity, to specialized racking for maximizing payload, to custom designed racking, and so forth.  In partnership with material handling equipment manufacturers, we will analyze your needs, and develop solutions that improve your production performance and help you serve your customer better.

Project management

Projects, large or small, can be completed on time and on budget, when good project management is employed.  Today's corporation must remain focused on its main goals.  Diverting the attention of staff from their core competency, to managing projects, is rarely the most effective way to accomplish goals.  Few corporations employ full time project managers.  We will provide expert manpower to see your projects through from conception to successful finish, using the latest tools and techniques.

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Last modified on November 24, 2008