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We offer training for everyone within the organization:

  • Executive overview

  • Introduction for middle management, front line supervisors, union executive and team leaders

  • Introduction for shop floor associates

  • "Active learning"

Key Benefits

  • Training is customized to suit the audience and needs of the client
  • Our training is practical, useful, and of immediate benefit
  • Training is delivered by knowledgeable, experienced professionals

Classroom training course outline - typical content

  • Background to the topic, and some examples of results achieved
  • Definition and scope of usefulness of the concepts
  • How to establish the payback from using the concepts presented
  • How to start using the concepts
  • The role of the supervisor or team leader in implementing the concepts
  • Training requirements for those involved in the daily application of the concepts
  • How to entrench new knowledge in your organization
  • Visual performance indicators of success in entrenchment
  • Self-assessment and action plans

Active Learning

  • Combines learning and doing - immediate application of what has been presented
  • Teaches course material, methods of implementation planning, and methods of sustaining change
  • Is suitable for a wide variety of learning styles
  • Helps to train your own trainers

Implementation Services




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Last modified on November 11, 2008